Killing off Fall army worms naturally.

The leaf damage caused by fall armyworms often looks worse than it is. Birds, spiders, rove beetles, ants, wasps, and diseases kill the fall armyworm and can greatly reduce its damage.

By smearing cooking fat on maize stalks, you will attract ants, which will kill any armyworms hidden in the whorl.

Leave trees and hedges around your field to allow these farmers’ friends to live and feed.

Never spray chemical pesticides, as these will kill the farmers’ friends and you may end up having more armyworms than before.

Check your field twice per week at least for the first six weeks and destroy any egg masses and armyworms.

Spray infested plants with a boiled mixture of plants or apply a mix of ash, sand and tobacco snuff directly to infested whorls.

By making best use of farmers’ friends and local plants on the farm, nature will help you control the fall armyworm and reward you with a good and healthy crop.

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